One day in Fortune Island 

Fortune island is a small resort island in Batangas. It’s a 3 hour bus ride from Manila and a 45 minute boat ride from Nasugbu. 

It was once a luxury resort called Leviste Island but now an abandoned and rustic place, the columns and demolished structures made this place famous specially for travel Instagramers. A taste of Greece they said.

The water here is so blue that even a non-swimmers tempted and tried to cliff jumped.

How to get there?
Public – From Buendia, ride a bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas then  alight to Nasugbu bus station, ride tricycle going to fortune island resort then rent an (expensive) boat going to the island.

Private – use waze then rent a boat. 🙂



I’m telling you now. Don’t expect too much, the pictures online and in instagram have good angle and filters, the sand is creamy white but it’s not fine, it has big pebbles, some are bigger than baseball, there’s a lot of garbage in the island, lot abandoned rooms and an old swimming pool with green water – home of the dengue mosquitoes I guess. But overall, the island is somehow nice. 

The very welcoming comfort room.


The columns and the photo bombers.

You can do a day tour or overnight in the Island, there is no hotel so make sure you bring your own tent.

You can also do a 30 minutes trek to the lighthouse though we did not tried it because we enjoyed and spent too much time cliff diving.


Because the place is so IG worthy, I suggest, specially for girls, to bring your OOTD in the Island, most people are doing their little photo shoot, some have costumes, dresses etc.


Itinerary and Expenses

Time Activity  Amount Note
4:00 AM Ride bus from DLTB Buendia                 160.00
8:00 AM alight in Nasugbu Terminal
8:05 AM Buy Food                 100.00
8:15 AM tricycle to Fortune Island Resort                   15.00
8:30 AM Boat to Fortune Island                 300.00 **3500 per rental/12 person
9:15 AM Socials/Rest
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Swimming/Cliff Jumping
4:00 PM Boat back to Fortune Island Resort
4:15 PM Shower                   20.00
5:00 PM Tricycle to Nasugbu Terminal                   15.00
5:15 PM Bus to Manila                 160.00
8:30 PM Manila
Total Expenses                 770.00

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