A glimpse of North Korea

DMZ or Dimilitarized zone is the most dangerous borderline in the world. 

I’m always interested to see what’s inside the most isolated and dangerous northern part of Korean peninsula, I sometimes watched documentaries and read articles about the country. Finally, I got the glimpse of the borderline between north and south, a glimpse that made me feel sad and thankful that I’m not born in a communist country. 

The country is called “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, though the name say it’s democratic , It is not! The country is under the dictatorship government lead by Kim Jung-un. Based on the documentaries I watched, the people in the country is living in lie, they believed that they have the richest country and they think that their leader is a god. 

We got the chance seeing the border by availing the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) tour package, this package will allow you to have a glimpse of the borderline and walk under the third tunnel north korean made to attack the south. This is a must try experiece, you will learn how the war started and how its stop, or had a ceasefire break for a moment rather. 

Before the tour starts, we watched an 8 minute video about the north-south korea war. 

This is the propaganda village of North korea named Kijong-dong, no one is residing to this place and built only to fool south koreans that they are a rich country. It has 525 foot Called Panmunjeom flagpole, the tallest in the world. 

Kaeseong industrial complex is a joint inter-korea industrial zone, one of the business center in North, the factories were owned by south korean companies with 52,000 north korean workers. It was shut down this feb 2016 because of the nuclear missile testing by North. 

Daeseong-dong is a village of south korea inside DMZ, the people living here have a good benefits, they pay no tax and they don’t need to attend the 21month mandatory military training. 

South korean soldier near DMZ


There’s a train station near DMZ called Dorasan station going to Pyeongyang – The capital of NK, this train station was built symbolising as hope that someday, north and south will be unified, if the time comes, this is the first station going to North. The railways is already built in the north, basically the plan is to use the train for transporting goods to Kaeseong industrial complex, but after the test run the north korean government decided not to use it anymore. So technically, the train station was never used. 

The station was built using the money donated by South koreans, some have families in the north. The south korean government did not spend any penny building the station because some of the new generations are against to it. They do not care about the unification of the north and south anymore maybe because they were never involved in the war and the history still hurts them. But, as the tour guide speaks, you can feel the hope of her and the government that someday Korea will become one country. 

This souvenir was part of the barbed wire removed from the DMZ on the occasion of 50th korean war, it has serial number and this is a limited edition worth 35000 won

Based on the stories I read and watched, I feel sad about the people of North Korea. I pray that someday the north and south korea will be unified, praising the true God and not the dictator leader, living the healthy life without fear and full of freedom. 


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