Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destination in asia specially for the shopaholics, signature brand stores are like fast food chain in this city – you can find them almost everywhere.

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Yes! This is a family friendly city but make sure that everybody is willing to walk since the train stations are connected to each other and there is no way getting there aside from walking, so kung di mo kaya,mag flanax ka muna. The kids and young at heart can enjoy this city specially the Disneyland and Ocean Park.

This city is a bit expensive to travel compared to other Asian countries I visited. The exchange rate is around 6pesos per 1hkd. 

This is not a story of our travel but more of a picture collections I captured during the visit. Some tips will be mentioned below.

City view

Every building is like competing to each others beauty. It felt like everyone is having a light show.

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Mongkok is like divisoria, you can find clothes, bags, shoes, accesories and even gadget for a cheap price. You can still bargain the price to 50%, just make sure to bring out your bidding skills and don’t let the tinderas beat you.

This place will really make you feel that you are in hongkong; street foods, street lights, crowd, cars, sale etc.


Sounds weird I know! Because in Philippines, we call it MRT. This is the main transportation in the city,you can go to different places just by riding MTR and Trams (this is like a double-decker bus using a rail)

The MTR fare ranges from $4 HKD to $100 HKD including the airport express, I suggest you to buy octopus card, they have $250 for unlimited use for 3 days and they also have $150 – this is not unlimited but every payment you made in the train will be discounted of $1, $50hkd for both is refundable when you return back the card. The octopus card can also be used in trams and convenience stores – this can be bought to the airport.

The train is color coded per line. Make sure to bring your map or save it in your smartphone, stations are too plenty to memorize. 


You can see all the details about the MTR including fare, schedule etc. here.


The food is quite expensive in this city, the usual meal ranges from 40-70hkd or 250-400php, but the serving is massive, the single or regular order can be shared by 2 to 3 person.

I’m not sure if it is just me or it’s really hard to find local restos in hk. Maybe because I spend too much time walking inside the interconnecting train stations. 

Victoria Peak

You can reach the victoria peak by riding bus or the faster yet expensive way is via the peak trams. Here, you can see the whole hongkong city, the best time to go is night time so you can see the real beauty of the city made by street, building, houses and car lights. Bad timing for us, there’s a signal no. 3 storm and the skyline is covered of fog. 

Madame Tussauds

This is a wax museum based on london with branches in different cities, in this case, in hongkong. You can see popular artists, singers, kpop, cartoon characters, super heroes etc.

This is located at the same building with victoria peak.

You can see the price and the list of wax statue here.

Trick eye museum

We availed promo of “victoria peak-madame tussauds-peak trams” and as a reward, we got free ticket to this museum. This is like Art in Island in cubao. What made this museum nicer than others? Because it is more  interactive, it’s not like a usual museum where you just stare and put your hands cross to each other and have to twist your brain to understand the message of the deep dark painting. (I’m not against to the usual museum, actually I’m a fan of art)

Disney land

Yehey!!! Every kids dream, even young at heart. Disneyland! The happiest place on earth…but we were not able to go inside the park because of the rain. no!!! . The park is still open, we just did some photo ops though.

Ngong Ping 360

You can ride the famous cable car which is 5.7km long, 1900ft high, about 25mins ride. There’s also a Buddha at the end of the line. 

To make it more challenging, I dare you to ride the crystal bottom – you can see the sea, mountains, falls under your feet.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The architectural design of this is really amazing, you can see that the temple is coated with 3 major colors which are red, green and gold which i believe mean something. There’s also a zodiac sign statues and dragon carving in front.

A lot of believers go here everyday to pray, you can notice the faith and how rich the culture the chinese people have. 

We stayed 3 days and 3 nights in hongkong, every day I feel tired because of the long walk. But, I guess, this is all worth it. If you are a fan of a city tour, this place is good for you.


-You can buy discounted tickets of the tourist attraction at klook.

-Book a plane ticket a month before, that is way cheaper than booking a ticket near the travel date. Subscribe to Airlines or like them on fb to be notified if they have promos

-Buy an octupos card unlimited for 3 days worth 250hkd(50hkd is refundable upon returning the card), you will use this a lot.

-There are plenty of outlet stores to be found in front tung-chung station, though the price difference is not much of a discount. 

-If you miss filipino food. There’s a Jollibee there, but the 1 piece chicken and rice is amounting to gold, almost 250 pesos – and if you are a fan of coke, bad for you, they are offering pepsi products.

So, this is the end of my hk journey. Hope you enjoyed reading. Happy Trip!


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